Assessment tools for the assessment of the Entrepreneurial Mindset of pupils in the school (electronic) (8 competences)

16 assessments tools (2 for each competence) were developed for the purpose of evaluating the children’s standing in terms of their entrepreneurial competences before and after the implementation of the project activities. The tools were designed following an innovative methodology that aimed at them being entertaining and motivating. They consist of creative stories developed following 2 different methods: in the 1st, the readers are introduced with a scenario and are asked to choose among 3 or 4 different versions of the narrative in the end of each page. The 2nd type of stories is based on ergodic literature and are open-to-decision, as the readers are asked to make a choice in each page and are redirected to a different page and ending accordingly. In both types, the readers’ choices reveal their standing regarding the competences that each story addresses. The assessment tools are also available as online tools and can be accessed on


Ethical and Sustainable Thinking

Self Awareness and Self Efficacy

Motivation Perseverance

Planning and Management

Copying with Uncertainty, Ambiguity and Risk

Working with Others

Learning through Experience