EnterSchoolMinds’ main objective is to equip young pupils with skills related to the entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurial mindset can be defined as the set of attitudes, skills and behaviors that tomorrows’ employees need to succeed personally and professionally. Some of entrepreneurial’s mindset elements are initiative and self-direction, risk-taking, flexibility and adaptability, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, ability to see opportunities, marshal resources and create value.

The term embodies a set of cross-functional life and professional skills that describe individuals who are innovative, resourceful and create value. The entrepreneurial mindset can be applied in many contexts. It applies to employees in large, hierarchical entities, and it applies to community organizers, academics, inventors, doctors, lawyers, politicians, musicians and public servants. In no way is it unique to startup companies, and the skills that are developed are relevant to everyone.

The consortium strongly believes that cultivation of entrepreneurial mindset should begin at an early stage of an individual’s life

The project works simultaneously on three different levels.

At the 1st LEVEL it aims to develop the Entrepreneurial Mind set teachers taking into consideration the key competences that have been identified by the Commission, but after validating those and identifying the most important ones for the setting of primary school education. Teachers’ motivation is an integral part of this project, therefore all the training they receive is ISO certified and  through an assessment, their qualification is also certificated. In other words, participating in the project means at the same time that they upgrade their own profile with a certificate that is internationally recognised.

At a 2nd  LEVEL the project develops tools for the teachers in order to cultivate the entrepreneurial mind sets of their pupils. These tools include:

1. An online innovative assessment tool to be used before and after the implementation of cultivation activities

2. A set of non traditional activities that will cultivate the entrepreneurial mind set of the pupils. Activities take into consideration the age of the pupils, have an experiential nature & some of them will be designed to be implemented as online activities.

 At a 3rd LEVEL parents participate in this effort through extracurricular activities also developed by the project.