Assessment tools for the assessment of the Entrepreneurial Mindset of pupils in the school (electronic) (8 competences)

The activities were devised to be used by teachers for the development of the entrepreneurial competences of their pupils at school. They are of two kinds: the first are open-to-decision stories where the reader chooses among two different versions of the plot and he/she is redirected to different page accordingly, while the second are experiential activities of various types (e.g. role plays, group activities, implementation of projects). For each competence one story and one experiential activity were developed. The activities aim at the development of competences and skills that normally are not addressed in the school environment (creativity, ethical & sustainable thinking, self-awareness and self-efficacy, motivation & perseverance, planning & management, coping with uncertainty, ambiguity &risk, working with others, learning through experience) and can be integrated in different curricula, e.g. languages, art, Physical Education, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education.


Ethical and Sustainable Thinking

Self Awareness and Self Efficacy

Motivation Perseverance

Planning and Management

Copying with Uncertainty, Ambiguity and Risk

Working with Others

Learning through Experience