Intellectual Output 1 presents and analyzes the 8 competences and relevant descriptors of Entercomp and transform them into learning outcomes suitable for integration in elementary school learning environment.

The objective of IO1 is to produce an executive summary describing aims and objectives through detailed description of the methodology used to select competences of Entercomp’s framework and transformed them into learning outcomes.

The Certification Scheme for training materials and curricula contains principles and requirements for the certification of Training Materials and Curricula.

A collection of assessment tools tailored designed for every selected competence, through which teachers will be assessed on their own entrepreneurial competences.

Assessment tools aiming to assess the entrepreneurial mindset of the pupils before & after the implementation of the designed activities, concerning pupils’ entrepreneurial mind set, through ergodic literature, in which the reader is allowed to traverse a narrative, that  motivate pupils while at the same time being an entertaining & creative activity. 


E-assessment tool, the electronic version of the developed assessment tools.

Guide for the developed activities, a set of activities to be used by teachers in schools for the development of the entrepreneurial mindsets of pupils. 


MyCreativeTales feature stories, based on ergodic literature, in which the reader is allowed to traverse the text.  


 Experiential and communication exercises are tailored exercises that foster specific competences and can be integrated into school curricula.



 Ethical and sustainable



 Self-awareness and self-efficacy 


 Motivation and perseverance 


 Planning and management




 Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk


 Working with others


  Learning through experience 


  Handout 1

  Handout 2

A board game that asks the players (pupils) to make choices in order to proceed while during the play, promotes the core competences of entrepreneurial mindset.

 – Board Game Manual 

 – Game Board

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