Board game for entrepreneurial competences to be used by parents

The board game was created for the purpose of being used by parents and pupils at home as an extracurricular activity contributing to the development of the pupils’ entrepreneurial mindset competences. The game consists of a board, 100 cards, pawns and a dice. The aim of the board game is for the pupils to go through a route which leads the board game’s heroes to their final destination, the EnterWorld. In order to achieve that, the players pick cards with scenarios and are asked to choose among different courses of action which are related to entrepreneurial competences. Depending on their answers, they either go forward or back along the board. The winner is the first one to arrive to the EnterWorld. The game board and the cards are available for downloading in a printable form.

Board Game Manual

Game Board Home Print (4 x A4) 

Game Board Pdf