Analysis of EntreComp and identification of the competences and respective learning outcomes that are mostly relevant in the school environment

This deliverable aimed to:

  • use the EntreComp, the European reference framework launched to support a shared, comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship as a competence, as the basis for the development of the entrepreneurial mindset of teachers and pupils in the primary school
  • proceed to some form of validation of the EntreComp to ensure that the competences included in the framework are indeed the key competences needed and can be cultivated at this age (and to ensure that there are no other competences that should be added)
  • examine the competences’ descriptors provided in the EntreComp and ensure that they describe them adequately
  • select the most appropriate eight competences to address in the EnterSchoolMind project
  • analyse these competences into learning outcomes

The final output is a report which comprises an executive summary of the IO, its aims and objectives, a detailed description of the methodology, the modifications, additions or adjustments made to the EntreComp, the selected competences from the EntreComp analysed in learning outcomes equivalent to level 6 of the EQF, and in annexes all the national focus group reports.