Teachers’ Entrepreneurial Assessment tool [for the assessment of the competences of teachers in Entrepreneurial mind set]- Certified with ISO17024

The teachers’ entrepreneurial assessment tools were developed for the assessment of the entrepreneurial m90indset competences of the teachers who had attended national workshops on the respective subjects. 8 assessment tools, one for each competence (Creativity, Ethical & sustainable thinking, Self-awareness and self-efficacy, Motivation & perseverance, Planning & management, Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity &risk, Working with others, Learning through experience) were developed in accordance with the Certification Scheme for Persons devised by the Cyprus Certification Company. Through the certification in all 8 competences, teachers were able to acquire the qualification of the Certified Educator in Entrepreneurial Mindset EQF Level 6 (ISO17024). The assessment tools consist of 3 types of questions (closed, scenario-based and developmental) and are available in 3 languages: English, Greek and German. The assessment materials will not be available publicly in order to protect the validity of the exam.